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Question: What were Snowpiercer's protein blocks (the food of the tail section) really made of on set?

Bong Joon-Ho: Actually, it was made out of a combination of sugar and seaweed, the results were not a very tasty one, to create that jelly-like feeling we had to use this combination. And the actors, Chris and Octavia and Tilda, had to actually eat them on-set, they were edible but tasted terrible. Have you ever been to Japan or Korea? they have a tasty dessert called Yanggaeng that is a tasty dessert, so when the audiences in those countries saw the protein block they had a very different reaction.

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Sam Tsui Concert! I was so close to him!!

BAP concert part 3/3

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BAP concert part 2/3

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BAP concert part 1/3
It was totally crazy man

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Zoo! and a baby hiding in the bushes

Who knew cafeteria/hospital food could be so good!

Elephants! Babies, shaking hands, and playing in the pool~

My pretty pretty campus