I have many obsessions which I will be expressing on this blog.
These include: Harry Potter (and all affiliations including A Very Potter Musical)
Youtube people (Kevin Wu, Ryan Higa, etc.)
Also a lot of my gifs are ones I saved on Tumblr. I don't usually credit. But I will credit the ones I made. But if you're really protective about these things, just ask me to take it down.

Two things

1) Thanks so much everyone for helping through a rough time!! I feel really loved :D
And the problem has been resolved so all is good~

2) I clearly don’t realize that 3pm Eastern time=actually 3pm for me…that phone interview was rough because I was not prepared fj dsoaifjsadoijf
oh well, she said I was a good candidate :D Hopefully that means I got it

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I finally talked to him. I know that parents are right but I know my relationship better than they do.

Basically, he now knows that he needs to try. But slowly slowly because he’s in a mental state that prevents him for taking big leaps.

For me it’s enough to know that he’s trying.

I know it seems like I’m just blind to the fact that he might hurt me again, especially considering how much I was hurting before. But now that everything is out in the open, it’s so much easier to face an obstacle that you can see than an imagined one. 

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I hate him
But I love him
I don’t know what to do anymore
I just want to stop crying to sleep every night
How much more should I endure
Is this worth the pain?
I don’t think so
Not anymore

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He is already giving up
I want to tell him he is failing the final test I’m giving him because I don’t want to let go
But staying with someone who doesn’t care back is the most painful experience I’ve ever gone through

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How is this real and not a joke from a satirical science fiction novel about a dystopian polluted future

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"Terry loves yogurt."

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No matter how many times I see this, I still can’t decide whose face is the best.

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